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Three short notes on three common fictions: god, nation and nuclear family.

Terrified by our own humanity, freedom, and embodiment of uniqueness, we have invented a god who created us. And then we made it “the only true God”, soo special, soo glorious…and then we became His worshippers and that made us special, chosen yes! we got a shot at paradise and sit in His presence! So, let’s forget our divinity and keep creating altars where to die and seek salvation…Oh yes, because I forgot, THAT WE ARE INDEED ALL SINNERS…


How can we protect ourselves and our properties? We invented nations, and implicated nature in the lie by using its rivers and mountains and seas as boundaries. Lines of demarcation between us and them. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t (openly or in a hidden way) believe that his nation is superior to anybody’s else? Again, WE are special!

I might feel shitty and miserly, but I AM ITALIAN, I proclaim! I AM GERMAN, AUSTRALIAN, INDIAN, RUSSIAN, CHINESE and, of course, AMERICAN! And so, on and on. We do not understand or communicate with each other really, but, as we speak the same language and we are citizens (?) of the same nation, we can pretend…


“Mater semper certa es, pater numquam” = The mother is always certain, the father never… Roman Law.

The nuclear family did not exist as a concept and a legal entity before the agrarian revolution, about ten thousand years ago. A contract was then created with the basic intention of protecting and enforcing PRIVATE PROPERTY (my field, my house, my money, my children, my spouse, my my my…) and then added to it PRIMOGENITURE giving birthrights to the first-born MALE.

Hello!? What are you saying Avikal? What about being of the same blood and belonging? Same blood? The trillions and trillions of cells of our bodies renew constantly and between 7 and 10 years you are nearly completely new…no same blood brothers and sisters! Belonging…do you remember those strange feelings, dreams and fantasies that they bought you in a market or from the gypsies? Well, you were spot on, you do not BELONG to any invented contract. In fact, that contract is the prison you will hide in or try to escape from all your life…


What about the love?

Does this mean that we have deceived ourselves when we felt we loved god? You are the only one who can answer this question. Perhaps the love we feel is real as it encompasses all the manifestations of life without exclusion and hierarchy…the divinity of ALL!

Perhaps we do love the land we are born on, its smells and colors, its special light and reflections, a land that has no flag or national anthem or walls to define it…

And for sure we do love that body that gave us life and that man that protected us…we love that and respect them so much that we can even start seeing them as human beings, much much more than our parents…

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