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 one-to-one sessions



 R ealize uniqueness

 I  nclude and grow

 S hare the abundance

 E mbody and integrate


You are unique. Everybody and everything is unique. In fact, uniqueness is the very manifestation of the abundance and diversity of the Cosmos. 


RISE is a process through which you are able to discover the power of your uniqueness and recognize the limiting factors in the different dimensions of your life. Factors that keep us away from the realization, integration, and actualization of all that we are and everything we want to manifest in life.


The process of RISE rests on the foundation of two fundamental questions:

Who am I? And what am I doing here?

This process involves becoming aware of patterns of mental, emotional and physical tension, of conditioned reactivity, as well as habits that create repetition and conflict, and how all these hinder a full embodiment of your potential. Through intellectual understanding, creative thinking and original decision making, you will embody, in day-to-day life, who you truly are, sharing yourself with full authority. 


By addressing the limitations that you impose on yourself, you will be able to see when they serve you, and when they don’t.  You will discover how to open up to a much larger field of possibilities.


You will reconnect with the abundant resources within you of Will, Strength, Compassion, Power, Joy, Curiosity, Intelligence, and Creativity. And learn to tap into them when they are needed.


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“My introduction to Avikal was a one-on-one session a few months after my partner died suddenly. Avikal’s total presence gave me permission to show my confusion and grief, and he delivered simple and effective support. I have since completed the Satori Retreat and other Integral Being workshops. The first Satori was a delight, applying the technique diligently I encountered myself! Subsequent workshops enabled a deeper and more mindful approach to self-inquiry and self-realisation. Avikal’s authenticity, integrity and commitment to this valuable work is unequivocal.”

Shiree Thomas - Recruitment Consultant, Australia

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