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Freedom to be Yourself



A three-day course on Mastering the Inner Judge 


Inner Judge, Inner Critic, Superego, The Barking Dog... called by different names, there is a presence sitting within you that constantly judges and evaluates every aspect of your inner and outer reality.  This course is dedicated to freedom from the oppression, repression and conditioning enforced on your being by this very presence. 


The course involves: 

  • Teaching about the origin of this psychosomatic structure, its functions, and effects in your every-day life. 

  • The practice of self-inquiry as the most basic methodology to make the understanding personal and provide concrete venues for transformation. 

  • Techniques specifically designed to change our inner and outer relation with the Inner Judge. 

  • Communication and conflict resolution skills.

DAY PLAN Day 1: What is the judge? How it develops from birth to teenage. The Loop: the constant inner dialogue between the internalized authority and the reactivity of the child. Guilt, shame, and other forms of self-punishment. Automatic unconscious defenses and how they distort our experience of reality. Day 2: The functions of the inner judge: Defending the status quo and opposing change. Establishing boundaries and limitations. Conditioning the perception of Time/Space. Enforcing a sense of personal identity and self-image based on the past. Establishing “acceptable” parameters in relation to pleasure and pain. Understanding and developing skills to defend consciously from the attacks and manipulations of the Inner Judge. Recognizing how you project your inner judge on external authority. Day 3: Consciously transforming the relationship with the inner judge facing four fundamental traps: Self-deception Self-pity Self-justification Self-importance. The practice of non-exclusive thinking. Relationship between Natural Authority and Relative Truth

Discover your True Identity 



A three-day course to reconnect to your Authentic Self 


To be able to grow, feel good, and experience your uniqueness, you need a clear understanding of your self-image, which is a construct based on the accumulated past experiences of yourself and the world around you.


The course involves:

  • Understanding what Self-image is and how is related to the image of the world you live in. Understanding what Body-image is and the effects of your identification with it.

  • Recognizing your most fundamental boundaries, how they limit your potential, your growth, your creativity and determine most of the conflicts you find yourself in.

  • Understanding the relationship between self-image, your personal story and your perception of time/space.

  • Address the gap/conflict between outer image (how you present yourself to the world) and inner image (how you perceive yourself internally).​

DAY PLAN Day 1: What is the Self-image? How did it form and how it relates to a corresponding image of the world. What is Body-image? Self-image and boundaries; how self-image is reinforced every day by holding to specific personal boundaries. Self-image, boundaries, and personal identity. Relation between self-image, boundaries, and the perception of inner and out space. Day 2: Exploration of reactivity in relation to self-image. The separation-individuation period of development: relation between self-image and body-image. Addressing four central fears related to your identification with a specific self-image and body-image: Fear of falling apart/disintegration Fear of not knowing who you are Fear of death Fear of not existing at all Techniques to dissolve boundaries that do not serve you any longer. Consciously transforming the perception of time/space. Day 3: Exploration of personal story and its relation to identity. Inquiry into attachment to personal story: Who am I without my story? Recognition and reconnection with your rue identity. Beyond the mask and personality. Uniqueness vs specialness.

“In 2001, I had the good fortune to participate in a seminar on the Inner Judge held by Avikal. During that weekend, a new sound, from somewhere within me was released. A desire to explore what had happened began to move and the taste of a new truth appeared from the depths of the “old” me. Since then, I’ve continued on this path and this has brought me, over the years, an ever-increasing harmony with myself and the world around me. At the same time, I feel I am always at the beginning of something new in this art of exploring the vastness of my inner world.”

Susan Craig - Nurse Coordinator, Counsellor and Docent, USA

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