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 Intro to The Essence Series

Relationship between Personality and Essence

The essential qualities of True Nature



The following courses deal with how Spirit manifests through specific qualities/resources in each individual. The spiritual journey involves the capacity to recognize, reconnect and consciously embody them as well as understanding how these qualities are distorted as you identify with your conditioning and personality.

Each course is three days long + two online meetings of three hours each.
Each course is complete in itself and can be taken independently of the others.

Essential Will.
Main themes Intention, Centering and Trust.

Gives us the support that we need to stay on the path to finding ourselves and have a clear intention. It has to do with a feeling of inner solidity, inner support, and a sense of value. It is the relaxed confidence that comes when we are in contact with our Being. It is grounded, resourceful and committed. Provides the basic ground to experiencing the truth and stay steadfast and present in the journey of self-discovery.



Essential Strength.
Main themes Courage, Freedom, and Love.

The capacity to connect and use your personal resources as well as moving through the obstacles on the path. The key to fulfilling relationships and sexuality. Strength has to do with our capacity to be an individual; it awakens? the courage to separate from old structures that no longer serve our evolution and uniqueness. It is passionate vitality, enthusiasm, and the capacity to go into the world with all its challenges. It offers fundamental certainty and protection: I can!



Essential Loving Kindness.
Main themes Compassion, Integrity, and Wholeness.

As we learn to love ourselves, we discover the depth of humanness in its vulnerability and glory. We experience a profound understanding and compassion for our ego structure. It is this compassion and understanding that allows us to go deeply into our wounds and heal them. It gives us the capacity to do the same with others. We honour and celebrate the mystery of being human.

Essential Peace.
Main themes Emptiness, Silence, and Power.

Through this quality we enter the Absolute dimensions of Being and we come to know ourselves beyond body, mind, and emotions, as immense and unlimited. Here we honour our Love of the Truth and longing for Peace. It is a very deep dimension of looking in and realizing a state of inner mastery. Here we also face our concepts and fears about death and confront the main layers of ego defence.


Essential Joy.
Main themes Innocence, Curiosity and Celebration.

Letting go of suffering and seeking, we celebrate the richness and abundance of life unfoldment. This dimension of True Nature more than any other, helps us to integrate the Love for the Truth in day-to-day life. This subtle dimension of our Being is like an inner sun shining in our heart that brings healing and lightness. It is a place where our old negative self-images and seriousness are dropped.

Will_White Essence pic.jpeg

Avikal facilitating The Will Essence, also called the White Essence

Spirit Embodied


In these courses you will experience and reconnect with specific resources of Being, true potentials of spirit. They will give you clearer perception, deeper understanding, much stronger capacity to function efficiently and in alignment with your deepest longing and desires as well as a more conscious and loving attitude towards yourself and the others.


Each course is five days long.
Each course is complete in itself and can be taken independently of the others.


The Diamond Guidance.
Main themes Direct knowing of what is, relative truth and ultimate Truth, letting go of personal story.

In this course, we will introduce what is called the Diamond Guidance. This is the vehicle of objective consciousness, the guidance towards our true self. With a compassionate attitude towards yourself and others, and with clear presence, the Diamond Guidance enables you to perceive what is true in every situation. You will explore how to awaken and strengthen Guidance in yourself. This includes seeing through the specific veils over your consciousness, and thus perceiving your true identity.
Diamond Guidance sheds its light on every aspect of life through understanding, revelation, and embodiment.


The Authentic Self.

Main theme Authenticity, capacity to embody and manifest uniqueness, personal purpose.
As we understand and uncover more and more how we have identified with a false sense of self, conditioned by family and culture, and how this identification is based on the fear of survival, two questions become fundamental: “Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of my life?” The Authentic Self is Being experienced as our True Identity. You recognize how it is obscured by the false identity that we call “I”, your identification with it, in order to survive and feel special: what is generally called narcissism. This illusion of being special ends up hiding the reality of being unique.

The Pearl.
Main themes Integrity, contactfulness, protection, involvement in life.
This is the very intimate and precious experience of YOU as the personal manifestation of Essential Nature. We refer to is as Essential Individuality, Embodied Uniqueness.
All the different qualities of Essence: value, power, will, strength, peace, loving kindness, joy etc. exist as impersonal, ever present universal qualities.
As you realize your true nature and align yourself with Truth, all the qualities begin to integrate in you, and you develop and evolve into an integrated human being. The Truth becomes embodied in your flesh, and you move towards becoming a true manifestation of love and awareness.

The Stupa.

Main themes Totality, true autonomy, and uniqueness.
As we understand and start transcending ego boundaries and their implicit sense of separateness, we experience the possibility of existing both without boundaries and identity. This process manifests as an integration of the Stupa that replaces the personality structure, becoming our real structure. True Nature then unfolds in each of us in an original and unique way. The presence of this vehicle of Being gives us the sense of natural authority, true adulthood, and self-mastery. We feel capable of doing and manifesting whatever we wish on the level of Being; we can actualize and create. The Stupa is like a supercharged energy generator that makes us capable to utilize all our resources and essential qualities in a creative and powerful way in the service of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

The Absolute.

How shall we describe the Mystery? How to describe the experience of the Ultimate Nature of Reality? The Absolute is Being, vastness and unlimited space, creative source of all that is, includes everything and, at the same time, is beyond all form and manifestation.
The Absolute is “Always and Already”: always here and already present. There is nothing we need to do to reach it neither we need to seek in time and space; the Absolute is here-now, ready to be experienced: we are immersed in it and we co-create it. When we do experience it every distinction disappears, every concept dissolves, your personal consciousness comes to know itself and the whole world as pure presence as the flow of universal consciousness.
In this course we focus on the obstacles that hinder our experience of the Absolute, the fears and the beliefs that support and re-create a description of reality made of objects, we face our prejudices and spiritual concepts so that we can have a direct experience of the Great Spirit, the Source.

Avikal Costantino was my teacher in a 3-year Essence training in Denmark. He turned out to be the exact 'right' teacher for me, with his provoking, and at the same time trusting-the-process and staying-one-step-behind-the-shoulder attitude. I love his clarity and find his teachings and coaching to have a perfect blend of new insights, science-based theory, and experience. With heart-warming humour, he led me to the edges of my quite stubborn conditioning, offered me (and still does to this day) a wider view, and a loving invitation beyond its boundaries. I feel deeply grateful for my association with Avikal and his work.

Caroline Beumer-Peeters - Psychotherapist, author, trainer in the Netherlands 

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