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A word about me. And the work I do.

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You could call me a mystic. Someone whose passion is to help people wake up from an unconscious way of living, recognize their unique spirit, and integrate it into their everyday life. 


My own spiritual journey began in my early twenties with the question, “Who am I?” That became the fundamental spark of my living, and everything started aligning itself with this quest.


Over the next five decades, I travelled and lived across the planet, imbibing many cultures, religions, and societal structures. I’ve been an anthropologist, a university lecturer, a freelance photographer, a healer, and a bodyworker, besides training managers and mentoring top executives. 

Today, given the world and its demands, man is split between merely surviving and leading a fulfilling, meaningful life. This rift is evident in the social conflicts, personal crises, dissatisfaction, and extremism. To go beyond these inner and outer conflicts, one must recognize the intrinsic unity and oneness of life. But how does one do that?


Well, this is where my work begins. 

I work with individuals and groups to empower them in finding dynamic and creative ways to realize, own and express their uniqueness and specific potential. I offer them practical and tangible tools to enable them in the process.


Out of this arises, a fresh, new, creative sense of Self-identity. A radical openness to the whole field of possibilities. An aliveness, an enthusiasm, and a searing passion for life.

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