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TAKING OFF THE MASK AS A DAILY PRACTICE.Inner judge, self-image and space - 2

The transformation of the relationship with our inner judge has as its foundation:

1. The deep understanding that continuing to deny the existential slavery in which we live because of our childhood relationship with the superego goes against ourselves, against life, against truth and against love.

2. The commitment to activate our awareness and recognize as often as possible when we are under attack, when we are defending ourselves automatically and unconsciously through compulsive reactivity, and when we are attacking the world around us.

3. Learn to respond consciously by practicing presence, that is, "non-reactivity" and the use of force to protect the integrity of life.

These are the foundations and, as you well know, building them isa process that requires attention, participation and constancy. They, inevitably, force us to confront our shadow, the fear of growing up, the desire not to take responsibility for our lives, the desire to be saved, the fear of being alone and many other manifestations of attachment to our family history.

It is on this basis that the most important part of transformation is sustained: the conscious de-structuring of the image of ourselves and the images of the world around us. A real de-programming and detoxification that involves ALL the dimensions of our reality, internal and external.

This de-programming is basically a process of "thawing" time-fixed images of ourselves and reality: the frozenness and resistance to transformation associated with them are central components of our daily suffering and restlessness.

Being alert in the presence of the judge and learning to respond consciously gives us the opportunity to train our spiritual muscles and recognize our abilities and resources and realize how to draw on them.

The time then comes to apply these resources and actively begin to participate in the creation of our daily reality by first dismantling the barriers, the boundaries, that our judgments and prejudices continue to create within and around us and that exist as inner representations (images) of ourselves, of others, of the world, with a foggy and uncertain sense of identity at their center. Things like "I'm not beautiful enough, I'm stupid, I have to be the best; ah if I were smart! I'm a failure, I don't deserve love, I'll never make it..."; all the things we keep repeating to ourselves, all the hypnosis we keep practicing, all the banal, familiar nonsense that constitutes the lens through which we perceive everything, UNAWARE OF THE ACT WITH WHICH WE CREATE AND RECREATE THAT REALITY THROUGH THE POWER OFOUR IMAGES AND THE WORDS WE SAY TO OURSELVES!

The attachment to our images is the glue that holds this structure standing, which, like a real fortress, protects us from the mystery and the irrepressible vitality of the present moment.

The basic images to confront are:

1. Our body image.

2. The image of the Self.

3. The image of the other.

Inquiry into each of these images and our attachment to them leads to the opening of the Essential Space through the dissolution of preordained boundaries considered true and immutable. The opening of the Essential Space pushes to the surface other deeper identifications, where those with the physical body are those we can consider primary and, as such, more difficult to reveal.

At the same time, the opening of Space is a necessary condition for the manifestation of the essential qualities that naturally and effortlessly take the place of the false images that cover our true nature.

The feminine aspect of compassion helps us accept our distortions and attachment to them and dissolves frozenness with the simplicity of love and self-care; the masculine aspect of compassion helps us to stay on course, not to fall into self-pity or complacency, and to frame each event in the larger dimension of the evolution of our soul.

Slowly the images / limitation / separation are cancelled and the unpredictable vastness of the here /now remains.

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