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Looking for answers?

What a trap! What a waste! That is where most people get hooked and stuck - in the compulsive search for answers and some sort of certainty. This is also where our conditioning (our past) keeps nailing our curiosity and intelligence.

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that each answer you find it is partial, temporary, relative, possibly true in the moment but for sure limited by a particular perspective, frame, and interpretation. So, when we compulsively attach to any of it, we immediately limit our intelligence, capacity to respond to life as it unfolds in ever new ways and move out of the infinite field of possibilities as they manifest. Uniqueness is denied and karma is nurtured through repetition.

Any passionate and committed scientist/meditator knows all this and cherishes the adventure and the aliveness of it.

The Love for the Truth manifests as Open Inquiry, continuous, joyous and relentless questioning of everything.

In the Wheel of Life change rules and the only constant is the mystery of I AM.

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