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Beyond the Search. Waking up NOW!

There is nothing more egoistic and narcissistic than stubbornly denying our true nature supporting the delusion that we are this shadow of who we truly are: completeness, uniqueness, awareness and love. The attachment to the search is a sickness and a dangerous one! It is a sickness that keeps millions of human beings stuck, who potentially are ready to take full responsibility for being free and thus consciously participate in a planetary rebellion that is the only possibility left.

Using the teaching solely for surviving is an egoic sham. Justifying our actions through “spiritual understanding and purity” is a sham. To find solace in assumed “spiritual superiority” is a sham, and thinking that we “know” is the most fundamental trap for our soul. Every time we look outside. Every time we are satisfied with finding a name, a definition, a reason is to put ourselves in a box, and is a never-ending repetitiveness…every time we look for someone to blame or someone or something that might save us we dissipate the precious richness of our humanness.

Waking up NOW! There is a nearly constant tendency in the human mind, in the human psyche, to insist that this moment cannot be adequate, cannot be complete. To continue resisting and hold on for a future moment… To continue thinking that one day, when everything will be aligned in the right way, when I will have done enough, I will be healed enough, I will have grown enough, or when life will be organized in a certain way… THEN AND ONLY THEN IT WILL BE ENOUGH. THEN IT WILL BE COMPLETE, THEN LIFE WILL BE SO FULL THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO LET GO IN IT AND LET IT HAPPEN AS IT WILL BE SO FULL AND PERFECT AND I WILL NOT NEED TO GET ATTACHED, TO CONTROL, TO DRIVE, TO MANIPULATE… THEN, ONLY THEN, MY DISCONTENT WILL FINALLY DISAPPEAR.

Today we change direction. Today we meditate on our True Nature. Today we meditate not for waking up but FROM being already awaken. Today we meditate on the reality of awakened consciousness that it is already here. That does not need maps, techniques, instruments, perfecting or seeking. Today we meditate on a fundamental truth of awakening, that IN THIS MOMENT NOTHING IS MISSING. That there is nothing missing in this moment, from this moment. You are here, right now, you who are reading these words. You are whole and complete and missing nothing. That every moment, exactly in its arising, is full of wholeness, fullness and perfect essence. It is perfect in its essence. And to see this, to allow this and make space for this truth, all that we need to do is stopping insisting that there is something wrong, that something is missing, that there is a deficiency and that there is something to correct.

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