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Being yourself is natural, growing up is optional.

It is not by chance that modern psychology and many mystical traditions say that human beings in their majority do not grow past early teenage.

In fact, the general attitude of most adults is to see themselves as mature and teenagers and kids as infantile.

However, this attitude hides and avoids the very simple recognition of a fundamental slowing down or even complete stop of the process of development.

We convince ourselves that as the body stops growing up, we can do the same with our emotions, our thinking, our capacity to perceive, our capacity to take creative action, and so on. At the most we develop external skills that can help us to work, to relate a little better, fundamentally, to survive.

You are who you are, each and every moment. Your subjectivity, your being is an “always and already”. You are complete and unique in your essential nature.

And this uniqueness manifests in all the levels and facets of you inner and outer reality: in the light of your presence and in your shadow. In your personality with its own traits and in your behavior. In what you do and in what you think, and in how you express yourself and relate, in how you move and in how you breathe…

Being yourself, in all your dimensions is not only natural but also absolutely inclusive.

You are ALL that you are.

And you got an extra gear too: you can make yourself the object of your attention, interest, curiosity, exploration, every single moment. You, the subject, make yourself (previous subject) the object of your awareness. We miraculously can see and witness ourselves and consciously participate to our evolution.

And everything starts with the willingness to tell ourselves the truth about ourselves: where am I? What am I really feeling? What all that happens has to do with me? How can I discover and consciously embody uniqueness? How can I keep growing and growing? What is the gift that this uniqueness is bringing on this planet, right now?

You can choose to grow up.

And enjoy the adventure.

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