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Turning towards Authenticity

Once we have acknowledged our longing for being authentic, how can we support ourselves in this journey? What are the most effective practices and tools we can use?

These questions become very relevant once we have taken the step to recognize, without guilt or shame, how much and how often we have been deceiving ourselves and others pretending to be what we were not.

And we are willing to explore and own the personal truth of who we really are.

First: Meditation.

Meditation means fundamentally choiceless awareness, staying present with ALL that is. The capacity to witness the coming and going of different objects in our awareness without grasping or rejecting. WE ARE JUST PRESENT AND INCLUSIVE, OPEN TO ALL THAT APPEARS: thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions, sensations, etc. Open and available. This capacity is what is often referred to as Mirror-like Awareness.

Second: Self-inquiry.

This is a conscious invitation to the Mystery of each moment to reveal itself and its meaning in a personal way. It is the capacity to dive deep into every single aspect of our experience with curiosity, innocence, passion, and love for the truth. We learn a most fundamental art: how to ask questions that matter to us and be available to what arises. We do not have a prefigured direction, an answer, a goal. We move from “I don’t know” therefore we ask. Love is the fire of this invitation.

Third: Showing up.

Here we practice embodying our understanding, owning it, and communicating it to others.

We stand in it, and we take responsibility. Here we learn in very concrete ways to tell the truth about ourselves to others and navigate through uncertainty, conflicts, friction, expansion, multidimensionality, the abundance of the Real. Awareness and Love guide us.

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